Legendary: The Box – One Can Only Imagine…

Lauri Hong

Have you ever received a box of stuff and always wanted to open it right away?  Like the saying goes, curiosity kills the cat right?  Well, imagine that you’ve been sent to open a box.  But it’s no ordinary box.  You’ve been sent to open Pandora’s Box.  Now, you can just imagine the amount of terror and chaos that you’ve just unleashed.  As a thief, you are tricked into stealing this precious little thing, and of course as stated before, curiosity overcomes you.  With what we thought of as mythical creatures, they roam the world showing their presence and destroying nearly everything.  Can you imagine going against something as large as a Golem?! 

Keep in mind that this new AI that Spark Unlimited has integrated into this game is quite unique.  Instead of having mobs take certain paths that they usually do, don’t be too surprised if they decide to take other routes to get to you.  So you can safely say that you will be hunted down and killed if you aren’t quick on your feet… or controller.  Many times you’ll notice that there may be mobs coming from all sides.  Who says a good challenge isn’t fun?!  With this, you will of course have to make strategic choices like different weapons for different occasions.  Not only has the AI become smarter, but of course you’ll have a controlled destructible environment especially for the mobs.  (Too bad you can’t do any wrestling moves such as grabbing a chair and hitting ‘em over the head with it.)  

All these extremities, including great graphics (using the Unreal 3 engine), how can you not want to get into all this mess?  Not to worry, you won’t have to be totally alone in this crazy world.  There will be a multiplayer mode.  Overall, I foresee this becoming a great game.  Too bad we have to wait till Spring 2008.  But its worth the wait… AND it will be released on Xbox 360, PC as well as PS3!  Keep your eyes peeled for it!

For screenshots and more info check this link



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