Sabotage – World War II All Over Again

Lauri Hong

Sabotage will transport you back in time to France.  A time when the world was in total chaos during World War II.  You are Violett, an agent trying to accomplish various missions.  Interestingly enough, this action packed game is actually based on an actual agent.  Violett will take you through various missions based on her memory.  In doing so, the player will eventually uncover reasons why she is in the hospital.  Listen to her narration as you succeed throughout the game.  It may give you ides when you are in a bind.  There’s also a unique move that the character is able to use on her opponents.  This mode, the morphine mode, (great name, huh) will put you in a dream-like state so that you can change your position in order to have a tactical advantage over your enemies. 

Another fairly unique system within this game is the fact that you have skill points that can be increased.  Now, don’t start thinking that it’s like any typical MMO where you have to grind through mobs to get to these skill points.  In fact, you’ll need to go through the game collecting medals to increase your skills.  Also, keep in mind that you are able to upgrade 100%, that is IF you can find all these medals. 

Keep in mind that you’ll need to pay close attention to detail throughout the game.  Use the environment around you to you advantage, when possible.  Such as… obtaining information through letters found scattered about (sound familiar?). 

I believe this type of game will quickly suck you into hours and hours of play.  There are certain parts of it where it reminds me of all the different games that I have enjoyed over the years of gaming.  I look forward to picking up a copy myself.  However, we’ll have to be patient since this won’t be around till September 2008.  Sorry to those who would want this on a PS3 or even the Wii.  This title will be available only for the Xbox 360 and PC. 

For screenshots and more info follow this link


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