A Final Note: SCEA Slipping?

Lauri Hong


As we finalize our coverage for E3, I have to add just one more thing for everyone to think about.  While taking a glance around the SCEA Booth, I had noticed that there was a PSP with an upcoming game of Warhawk sitting there by its lonesome.  Curiosity had the better of me and decided to finally go up and try it.  Upon attempting to figure out the controls and what not, I had decided to ask for assistance in regards to any information about the game.  The booth attendant, however, was absolutely no help at all.  I had asked the gentleman, general questions to try to start up a conversation regarding the game.  His basic reply was, “Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about the game.”  And walked away. 


Like they say, the last impression that you have of someone or something, like a large Corporation (hint, hint, hint) is something that I believe is fairly important.  SCEA’s decision to have an uneducated person manning the booth is very unfortunate.  What I have gained from SCEA was not a pleasant one.  It clearly shows a lack of organization, care, and knowledge. 


Will they learn from this mistake or will they slip further down the ranks?  Only time will tell.   


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