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Video game fans around the globe are invited to bookmark in their browsers as Nintendo prepares to offer a virtual front-row seat at this year’s E3 Expo in Los Angeles. A live webcast of Nintendo’s E3 Expo 2011 media presentation will begin at 9 a.m. Pacific time on Tuesday, June 7. Immediately following the presentation, fans can enjoy additional Nintendo Network coverage on the site, including interviews, game trailers and special video segments. A variety of exclusive content will also be available on the Nintendo® Channel, which is accessible to anyone with a Wii™ console that is connected to the Internet.

The E3 Expo, scheduled to take place June 7-9 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, is among the year’s biggest events for the global video game industry. Exclusive Nintendo Network programming will be viewable at and on the Nintendo Channel throughout the week, offering the latest information and updates on Nintendo’s announcements.


Bigben Interactive Introduces its new Software Lineup!

• CYBERBIKE MAGNETIC EDITION for Nintendo Wii™ – Cyberbike is the first stationary bike and video game bundle available exclusively for the Nintendo Wii system. Have fun while burning calories and keeping in shape. The eco-friendly themed-game will entertain all members of the family and encourages players to pedal further to meet fitness goals. More information is available at It will be available in the United States exclusively for the Wii this summer.

•  MY BODY COACH 2 for PlayStation 3™ and Nintendo Wii™Discover a new way of exercising on PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii with this true dance and fitness program. The game features over 130 routines and a gym dance mode, which supports up to two players. On the PS3, players can incorporate their own music in the game. This new gym-dance and fitness program features a pair of 500 gram-dumbbells housing the Wii or PlayStation Move controller. In addition, My Body Coach 2 includes a complete nutrition guide tailored to each individual’s fitness goal (lose weight, gain weight, keep in shape, etc.). The title includes more than 170 healthy, well balanced and diversified menus, made by nutritionists. My Body Coach 2 is designed in partnership with Va¬lerie Orsoni, a well-known fitness coach, author and wellness and nutrition expert -

 • HUNTER’S TROPHY for PlayStation 3™ – Stalk prey or release the dogs in Hunter’s Trophy, the highly anticipated hunting simulation game, available later this year for the PS3. Promising a unique hunting experience, the game utilizes the PlayStation® Move controller and a genuine break-open-barrel rifle. Hunter’s Trophy is a true hunting simulation, respectful of hunting regulations. Using a rifle or a bow, players hunt more than 20 different species in many different terrains, by day, by night, in the rain or in the sun. The game also features a  fun shooting range with clay pigeons, targets and shapes.

•  SNIPERS for PlayStation 3™ and Xbox 360™ – Tensions run high as gamers work to be silent, invisible and deadly in Snipers for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, available X. Snipers is an online multiplayer first person shooter game supporting 12 players who compete across 10 different maps and 6 gaming modes. The Xbox 360 game can be played with the pad and the PlayStation 3 version can be played either with the Pad, the Move or with Sniper Gun designed by Bigben Interactive.Gun for a more

•   CREATURES for Apple and PC platforms – Creatures is the revival of the famous Norns, furry creatures that must be taught to take care of themselves.  The brand new free-to-play game will be available this X on the iPhone, iPad , and iPod touch or online using a PC and Apple computer. This lovely pet game takes place in a fictional world and revives all the magic that made this game a huge success in the ’90s. At E3 2004, The Norns received an Award as “Icon of the videogame’s industry.”

 E3 is a unique place to discover Bigben Interactive games and find out about its innovative gaming peripherals that will be available later this year. Stay tuned for further details in the coming weeks

DNA Dynamics, Inc Details E3 Exhibition Line-up

DNA Dynamics Inc (PINKSHEETS: DNAD) confirm that their stand at this years Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) will be packed with previously unseen gaming content as well as giving users access to the full back catalogue of games such as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and Family Fortunes.

Both of the DNA Dynamics Subsidiaries will be represented on the stand and CEO, Ed Blincoe, will be available to potential partners so that deals can be struck on site and negotiations speeded up, reducing the sale cycle.

Slam Productions, a subsidiary of DNA Dynamics, is currently working on two top secret games which are both to be unveiled at E3 and the expectation is that some significant excitement will be generated on and around the exhibition hall once the brands and games are revealed to the public.

Ed Blincoe will be updating his twitter feed throughout the show so that investors are able to get up to the minute information once the top secret games are revealed to the world and investors are urged to subscribe to his Twitter feed at @appachemobile

Discussing the unveiling of at the games show, Mr Blincoe stated “we have been working on these contracts since our time at GDC in March. We believe that we have struck two fantastic contracts which will lead to significant revenue streams going forward for the company through downloads of these games.”

Slam Productions recently announced details of its licensing model for their Rapid Development Engine, Slam Tech. The license will allow other developers to develop a single game or application and then rapidly publish to multiple platforms such as PC, iOS™, Android™, Sony ™ PSP™, Nintendo™ DS™ and Wii™ without the requirement to reengineer each application specifically per device. With few key competitors in this space and the potential to create a multi-million dollar revenue streams the team at Slam believe they can become a serious player in this space.

Paradox Interactive Announces E3 Lineup!

Paradox Interactive today announced its line-up for this year’s E3 Expo in Los Angeles. The publisher will be showing King Arthur II, Crusader Kings II, Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter, and Defenders of Ardania to attendees at their booth.
The developers of Magicka will also be present at E3 to tell their tale and discuss future plans for the franchise and showcase the upcoming PVP feature.
Yes, secrets will be revealed for all the games and yes, they will be awesome.
Stop by West Exhibit Hall, Booth 4032, to experience spells, serfs, swords, and scepters.

Paradox Interactive E3 line-up:

King Arthur II (PC, Role-playing Wargame)
This fantasy/role-playing RTS returns in a sequel long after young Arthur pulled the enchanted sword out of the stone, gathered the Knights of the Round Table and secured peace in Camelot aided with the might of the Holy Grail. Where legends normally end, King Arthur II begins on its own gruesome tale…

King Arthur II is scheduled for released in Q3, 2011

Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter (PC: 4X Strategy)
Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter is the next full game in the hit 4X-styled Sword of the Stars franchise. The continuing storyline will reveal dark secrets of the ancient force responsible for tampering with the races in the original Sword of the Stars.

Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter is scheduled for released in Q3, 2011

Crusader Kings II (PC, Strategy, RPG)
Europe is in turmoil. The lands are fragmented into fiefs, the emperor struggles with the Pope, and the Holy Father declares that all those who go to liberate the Holy Land will be freed of their sins. Now is the time for greatness. Increase your lands and fill your coffers. Appoint vassals, battle traitors and introduce laws while interacting with hundreds of nobles to create the most powerful realm in medieval Europe.

Crusader Kings II will be available Q1, 2012

Defenders of Ardania (PC, console, iPad: Tower defense, Fantasy)
Defenders of Ardania is a next-generation tower defense game with a twist. Besides the addictive core mechanics of placing towers to stop advancing enemy units, Defenders of Ardania also allows players to take on the role of the attackers seeking to conquer the enemy base.

Defenders of Ardania is scheduled for release Q3, 2011

Magicka (PC, Action/Adventure)
Magicka is a satirical action-adventure game set in a rich fantasy world based on Norse mythology. The player assumes the role of a wizard from a sacred order tasked with stopping an evil sorcerer who has thrown the world into turmoil. In Magicka, up to four players take on a grand adventure to save their world from certain doom using a fully dynamic spell system.

E3 Expo 2011 Attendee and Media Online Registration Open

 Attendee and media online registration for the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 Expo) officially opened January 10, 2011 according to the show’s owner and organizer, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). The E3 Expo takes place June 7-9, 2011 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Online attendee and media registration will be available through Monday, April 25, 2011.

E3 Expo welcomes all qualified computer and video game industry audiences, including worldwide media, analysts, retailers, developers and business partners to preview the latest in interactive entertainment. Qualified participants may register at

“The E3 Expo is the global destination to experience the latest computer and video games that will shape and define the high-tech consumer entertainment experience in the year ahead,” said Michael D. Gallagher, president and CEO of the ESA, the trade association that represents U.S. computer and video game publishers. “Every leading computer and video game company is participating and I look forward to welcoming thousands of attendees from around the world.”

All companies involved in console, PC, “online” and mobile game publishing and developing, qualified business partners, as well as makers of video game hardware and peripherals can exhibit. A growing list of E3 Expo exhibitors includes:

  • 505 Games
  • Activision
  • Advanced Micro Devices
  • Atari
  • Atlus U.S.A., Inc.
  • Bethesda Softworks LLC
  • Capcom Entertainment, Inc.
  • Crave Games
  • Disney Interactive Studios, Inc.
  • Electronic Arts, Inc.
  • Epic Games, Inc.
  • Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.
  • LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC
  • Majesco Entertainment Company
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.
  • Natsume, Inc.
  • Nintendo of America, Inc.
  • NVIDIA Corporation
  • OnLive, Inc.
  • Perfect World Entertainment
  • Proximo Games
  • Sega of America, Inc.
  • Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.
  • Sony Online Entertainment LLC
  • Square Enix, Inc.
  • Take-Two Interactive, Inc.
  • THQ Inc.
  • Trion Worlds, Inc.
  • Ubisoft Entertainment
  • Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Inc.

Video Games Live: Bonus Round! Tickets Still Available!

Video Games Live
June 8, 2011, 8:00pm
Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE
Created and Produced by Tommy Tallarico

 Tickets are still available for the #1 Touring Game Concert returning to Los Angeles. Experience The Golden State Pops Orchestra and the Southern California Master Chorale accompanied by game footage on three massive synchronized video screens combined with special effects, state-of-the-art interactive lighting, stage show production and interactive elements with the crowd!

Join us for the Pre-show Festival with a Guitar Hero competition and post-show meet & greet FREE for all ticket holders. Click here to purchase tickets! Group discounts are available

E3 Expo 2009 “First Looks” Products

Atlus U.S.A
Droplitz: Immerse yourself in an addictive puzzler that’s all about strategically
twisting and connecting mismatched dials to save precious droplitz. Just making a
single junction is child’s play; can you master the art of the combo or will you let
your pipes runneth over? Be warned: losing too many droplitz can be hazardous
to your ability to win. With four unique play modes, a variety of board sizes, and
infinite replayability, Droplitz promises to drain all your time away.
Persona: SMT: Persona stands as a proud re-launch for the award-winning series,
featuring a completely redone localization and content never before seen in North
America. Combined with gameplay enhancements and additions new to the
remake, fans will have the chance to experience the first Persona game released
in North America in a whole new way. Those looking to see the original epic in a
whole new light, those who missed out the first time around, and even those PSP
system owners who crave a marquee RPG: that which you seek is approaching.
Devil Survivor: A new RPG/SRPG hybrid in the award-winning Shin Megami
Tensei franchise makes a seamless transition with trademark gameplay features
built into an intuitive two-screen presentation you can take anywhere! Tokyo is in
lockdown, the government’s response to a surprise demon invasion. Trapped, the
city’s helpless populace is forced to turn on each other to survive. A mysterious
technology, the COMP, falls into the hands of you and your peers, allowing you
to form contracts that force demons to serve you in battle against the otherworldly
Class of Heroes: Welcome, Adventurers, to Particus Academy! Here at Particus,
we strive to equip young men and women with the tools they’ll need to become
full-fledged adventurers. Create a custom team of students to explore dungeons
and bash monsters in a quest to uncover the secrets of the mysterious labyrinths!
This is as classic as dungeon-crawling gets in an ever-changing 3-D labyrinth
containing more than 75 maps full of puzzles, traps, and treasure plus an alchemy
system that allows you to synthesize new items from your findings in the
Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament: A young Trot driver comes to Orion
City with one dream in mind: to win the prestigious Orion City Trotmobile
gladiator tournament. With the help of a spirited mechanic named Venus, you’ll
have to take on a series of jobs to earn the money and fame required to make a
name for yourself about town as a skilled Trotmobile operator. When a series of
bandit attacks begins to affect the city’s economy and distress the citizens, who
will have the mettle and the metal to put a stop to it? Don’t miss this action game
overflowing with intense mech customization, an open-world mission structure,
and fast-paced arena style combat.
Knights in the Nightmare: A groundbreaking new gaming experience, Knights in
the Nightmare is a game that defies genre. Incorporating RPG, real-time strategy,
and shooter elements, you will control the Wisp with your stylus and activate the
souls of deceased knights to aid you in your fight as you maneuver quickly to
dodge curtains of bullets coming at the Wisp! Dripping with style and originality,
Knights in the Nightmare delivers an unforgettable experience.
Cambre Products
HangOn GearBoard™: HangOn GearBoard™ is a wall-mounted solution that
organizes all of today’s hottest video gaming accessories. Spring-loaded Hang
On Hooks™ slide into position on the boards grooves and can be arranged to
maximize space. Four different hooks can be used to hold controllers, gaming
guitars, tennis rackets, light sabers, gaming pistols, Wii Fit board, towels, etc.
GearBoard mounts easily either vertically or horizontally to free up floor space.
HangOn GearBoard Lite™: HangOn GearBoard Lite™ is a wall-mounted
solution that organizes Wii Fit accessories to free up floor space. Spring-loaded
Hang On Hooks™ slide into position on the boards grooves and can be arranged
to maximize space. A Wii Fit hook™ safely holds the Wii Fit board on the wall
while additional hooks are available to hold controllers, towels, etc.
CH Products
CH Eclipse Yoke: Built with the same high end components found in our
industrial products, the CH Eclipse brings value added feature to compliment all
your favorite sims. Features include:Fully programmable fingertip paddles;
programmable trim / scroll wheels with center push function; two backlit push
buttons and a third traditional push button; two 8-way hat with rocker switch and
trigger on both sides of handle; colored handles for throttle / prop / fuel mixture;
three color LED selector dial giving you a total of 240 programmable functions
with CH Control Manager software and six analog 10 bit axes for aileron,
elevator, throttle, propeller pitch, fuel and rudder. New and improved industrial
grade material / components; indestructible robust plastic, free floating shaft and
clamp extenders for the thinnest of desks finish off this universal flight sim
controller no armchair pilot or racecar driver can afford to do without!
City Interactive
I Love Beauty: Hollywood Makeover – Platform DS: The Stars in Hollywood
know where to go to make them look their best. Meet them all as you’re styling
their hair and applying the perfect lipstick and eye-shadow. Don’t stop there- they
need your help choosing the right accessories for a Hollywood movie premiere.
Does that necklace go with those earrings? Paint their fingernails to match their
outfit for that perfect look for either the big night out on the Sunset strip or
shopping on Rodeo Drive. With thirty-six different cosmetics to choose and
combine, it’s all up to you to decide.
Sushi Academy – Platform DS: Enter the Sushi Academy to learn the ancient art
of preparing traditional Japanese sushi. Cut the ingredients, spread the rice on the
nori, and roll the maki. All of the steps are timed by the Sushi Master which adds
to the thrill. Get every step correct and in time and you might get agold medal and
become a Sushi Master.
Logic Machines – Platform DS: Set forth on a quest to become a puzzle master!
Use your keen sense of logic and the Laws of Physics to build ancient machines
to solve brain teasing puzzles. Avoid mysterious obstacles and hidden traps to
make your way through each mind-bending level and discover treasure beyond
your imagination.
Redneck Chicken Riot – Platform Wii: When mad chickens try to take over the
world, it’s up to you to take them out. The Chickens are hatching an evil plot of
world domination. Sure, they walk around the yard, dig in the dirt, and seem to do
nothing, but their eyes tell a different story. Use a variety of unique weapons and
your best redneck skills to rid the world of these maniacal chickens.
Rise of Flight: Rise of Flight is the new World War I combat flight-simulator
from Russian developer neoqb. Rise of Flight brings the classic, Red Baron style
air battles of WWI to your PC with flyable versions of the famous Spad XIII and
the deadly Fokker D.VII biplanes. Featuring advanced flight and physics models,
amazing visuals, an ultra-detailed damage engine and powerful mission editor,
Rise of Flight creates a hyper-realistic combat flight experience. Rise of Flight
features both Single-Player Campaign and Online Multi-Player modes of play
with built in statistics tracking and detailed career development including
promotions and commendations.
Free Play Wireless Gaming Pad: Ultimate Game Chair’s new Free Play™
portable game pad, is wireless and compatible with all game consoles, handhelds,
PCs and home theaters, adds comfort, sound and vibration to any entertainment
experience. At just 4.5 pounds, the Free Play™ is completely portable and fits
easily on most chairs or car seats, providing hours of enhanced entertainment
wherever you go.
Crave Entertainment
Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360):
The glory days of pinball are back…on the nex-gen consoles. The award winning
and highly acclaimed Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection is now
coming to you in high-def on your PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. All of your
favorite classic tables are painstakingly recreated that span the golden age of
pinball. New tables include Medieval Madness, Tales of the Arabian Nights and
No Good Gophers.
Monster Mayhem: Build and Battle (Nintendo Wii and DS): It’s alive…it’s
ALIVE! Now you can finally create the monster you’ve always wanted to.
Raise, train and care for your own personal monster in an attempt to create the
perfect monster to defend the town of Happy Valley.
David Perry is a small group of technologists with a simple clear
vision, to provide the most frictionless, lowest cost way to play professional video
games. At E3 Expo, they are demonstrating this state of the art internet streaming
technology, by running major game titles remotely from their completely custom
server architecture. answers probably the #1 question Video
Game Developers ask: “Where can I find funding or investment for my ideas,
projects, teams or company?” There’s never been an organized solution until now,
helping publishers & investors track all the talent and opportunities in the world
effortlessly. That’s our mission.
D-Box Technologies
Hybrid Gaming Motion System: D-BOX Technologies` GPH-120 is an affordable,
Hybrid Motion system, suited for both Gaming and Home Theatre usage, is
guaranteed to give you a unique, interactive experience….It delivers pitch, roll and
virtual heave, with real-time response to all of the action onscreen. Generating up
to 2Gs of acceleration, every game or movie becomes so enthralling that you will
actually forget where you are! You will feel like you’re actually inside the game,
like you’re living the action. There’s absolutely nothing else like it.
DECK13 Interactive GmbH
Strain: This game is about characters. And it’s packed with action. STRAIN
combines the award-winning storytelling found in state of the art TV series spiced
with action that always keeps the adrenaline level high. STRAIN’s action
elements jump from climax to climax, while its RPG aspects allow you to make
friends, break with them, make characters laugh, cry, beg, or scream. Using the
special Intrusion skill, you can even hear people’s thoughts, manipulate them, or
completely take over control of them
Arcania for PC/Xbox: Arcania is a Fantasy Action game set in a rich world where
an entire kingdom’s future is at stake Build your strength and learn the skills
needed to become a hero as you challenge a mighty king and uncover his dark
secrets. Travel through a land of different climate zones, abundant flora and
fauna, subterranean vaults, and unique towns and castles where clouds darken the
skies, weather effects such as wind and heavy rain influence an endlessly
fascinating game world, day and night cycles, and a stunning display of light and
shadow. As you battle the monsters and villains of the land and meet a host of
unique characters, will you be able to right the King’s wrongdoings and, above
all, what choices will lead you there?
Yoga for Wii: Fans of yoga and those interested in improving their overall fitness
and well-being will be able to practice Yoga from the comfort of their own home
utilizing the Wii Balance Board™. Following step-by-step instructions from a
variety of in-game Yoga Gurus, players will be guided through a variety of
popular Yoga exercises and will be able to monitor their progress with a dynamic
tracking system and set up a schedule to follow. Yoga for Wii™ is beneficial to
anyone wanting to try Yoga and discover its unique way of providing strength,
flexibility and endurance training while at the same time creating a powerful
connection between mind and body.
Agatha Christie: ABC Murders for DS: Work alongside the famous detective
Hercule Poirot to solve a series of baffling murders committed by an elusive
madman. Using the touch screen controls of the DS™, players will inspect crime
scenes, question suspects and must solve a terrible crime before there is another
victim. With multiple play modes to choose from and an investigator’s journal to
keep notes, Agatha Christie: ABC Murders for DS offers an immersive gaming
experience amidst a classic story and detailed graphics.
The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft for Wii: Play as two of history’s most famous
detectives, Frank and Joe Hardy and experience the Hardy World on your Wii™.
In this family friendly adventure, the vault of Spencer Mansion is robbed and the
Bayport Police call on the Hardy Boys to help tie up some loose ends, but they
soon find themselves in the middle of a major criminal investigation that takes
them on an adventure all over Bayport, and even into New York City. Featuring
the voices and likeness of Hollywood teen stars Jesse McCartney and Cody
Linley as Frank and Joe Hardy, The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft will have
players putting their sleuthing skills to work!
The Legend of Kay for DS: Join Kay, the feline hero from the mythical island of
Yenching in the Chinese Sea, on a quest to protect his home and township from
the king of the mighty gorillas, Emperor Shun. The journey takes him across the
vast island of Yenching where incredible secrets lie, waiting to be uncovered.
Lush and highly detailed worlds await: woodlands, swamps, caves, mountain
tops, and coastlines create a living and breathing world. With 30 different
enemies to conquer, The Legend of Kay offers 75 unique fighting moves and
three different weapons to fight with.
Prank Your Neighbor for DS: Conduct evil pranks against your neighbor but
don’t get caught, otherwise it’s game over! With 24 exciting levels, simple
controls and great comic-style graphics, Prank Your Neighbor for DS™ delivers
hilarious entertainment like never before!
Spellforce Faith in Destiny for PC: This expansion to the second installment in
the Spellforce series introduces a new chapter in this timeless RPG tale with many
original characters returning, such as the main character Avatar, back to fulfill his
destiny. New Multiplayer modes and maps offer a deeper Spellforce experience,
both online and offline adding MMO-like features while preserving richness of
the Spellforce universe and its gameplay. The vibrant and detailed world of
Spellforce is back and promises a breathtaking story-focused campaign with
several hours of high intensity gameplay, taking the player back to some of their
favorite locations and entirely new dimensions.
Painkiller Resurrection for PC: The award winning and critically acclaimed first
person shooter is back! Prepare yourself for some fast paced multi-player and
single player first person shooting action! This new journey into purgatory begins
when ex CIA Agent William ‘Wild Bill’ Sherman is fatally injured on the job and
finds himself trapped in a hostile place, somewhere between heaven and hell.
With loads of awesome new weapons to choose from, and the classic Painkiller
weapon at your side, blast away hordes of hellish monsters and demons in this
new Painkiller chapter.
Gamer Grub
Gamer Grub 2.0: Boost Your Game. Gamer Grub is a great tasting snack mix
packed with select vitamins and nutrients supporting cognitive function. Gamer
Grub is scientifically formulated to power your core gaming systems and is eaten
without getting greasy hands or keyboard crumbs. Gamer Grub comes in four
delicious flavors: Pizza, PB&J, Chocolate and Wasabi.
GelaSkins Custom: Gelaskins Custom, where we put YOU in the designer seat!
GelaSkins has been making top quality, artist-designed, protective skins for iPods,
laptops and a variety of phones for the last few years and we’re happy to announce
our arrival in the gaming scene. Whether you’re an on-the-go gamer or an
awesome axe thrasher/fragger extraordinaire on your couch at home, we’ve got
something for your DS, PSP, Wii, Xbox, Playstation and more… With over 90
artists currently on our roster and more being added every week, there’s
something for everyone.
AstoundSound™ Gaming: Now the video and audio in your games can work in
unison like never before. This cutting-edge technology gives game developers the
power to manipulate sound movement in real-time, providing a realistic gaming
environment by placing and moving sounds around the listener. With a real-time
audio engine built into the game, sound effects, voices and environmental sounds
will naturally move with respect to player controls during game play. Gamers will
not only see the action on the screen, but they’ll hear it as well in a 360-degree,
4D soundscape for the most immersive gaming experience ever.
AstoundSound™ Expander 2.1: Over a decade in the making, the downloadable
Expander 2.1 provides a wider, richer and enveloping sound for today’s gamers.
This easy-to-use virtual audio device driver runs as a background process,
capturing all audio on the PC or Mac, allowing for the amazing sound quality and
graphics in today’s games, music and DVD movies to be brought to life in an
astounding multi-dimensional soundscape. This technology isn’t for casual
listeners. It’s for those who live for the ultimate sound experience.
BuckShot Gun For Wii™ by Komodo: Lock and load! The Buckshot contains a
Nunchuck™ controller integrated directly into the handle, and hosts a pump-slide
reload feature in order to access the B button, while the trigger accesses the A
button giving you the feel that you’re actually blasting away baddies! The rubber
grips ensure an easy hold and the fastest reload time, making it ideal for such
games as Call of Duty 3™, Call of Duty: World at War™, Links Crossbow
Training™, House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return™, House of the Dead: Overkill™,
Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles™, James Bond: Quantum of Solace™, Medal
of Honor: Heroes 2™, and other first person shooting games for Wii™!
3in1 Virtual Retro Adapter For Wii™ by Komodo: Blow the dust off of your old
retro controllers! The Virtual Retro 3in1 Adapter connects directly to the
Gamecube™ port of your Wii™ system, giving you the ability to play the old
classics from the Wii™ Virtual Console. Featuring inputs for NES™, SNES™,
and N64™ controllers, the 3in1 will allow you to use each controller, official and
3rd party, for their respective system taking you back to the days where retro was
Dual LightForce Sabers For Wii™ (Motion Plus Ready) by Komodo: The Dual
LightForce Saber is compatible with Wii™ Motion Plus, and switches between
red, blue, and green at the push of a Tri-LED light switch. Unleash the force and
hold the power button down for 5 seconds to change colors at the flick of the
wrist! The LightForce Saber is compatible with such games as Wii Resort™, Star
Wars: The Clone Wars Lightsaber Duels™, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed™
and other sword dueling games.
You Rock Guitar: The You Rock Guitar answers the call of the millions of music
gamers looking for the “next big thing”. Bridging the gap between music games
and real music, it is affordable, looks and sounds incredible and in the “You Rock
Mode” anyone can play guitar… yeah, anyone. This is the Next-Gen instrument
for gamers. See us, hear us in Booth #407, South Hall across from the G4
K2 Networks/ GamersFirst
Taikodom: Taikodom is a Massive Multiplayer Online Game set in the 23rd
century taken by surprise when a mysterious energy field blocked Earth,
humankind has then expanded to the space, where people joined in different space
communities. Several terrestrial humans have escaped Earth in suspended
animation. Awakened by the Consortium, a sort of centralized government, these
humans are now called resurrects, who have to struggle in order to guarantee a
spot at space society. And you will enter Taikodom as one of them. Set in a
breathtaking journey through the universe, Taikodom is filled with adventure,
riches, danger, and glory; are you up to the challenge?
Victory – The Age of Racing: Victory – The Age of Racing is a Fantasy Formula 1
MMO Racing Game. Set in a unique and creative world inspired by the 1960’s
Formula 1 racing era. In the world of Victory the racing movement is organized
by one prominent entity: the Racing Authority. The Racing Authority (RA)
organizes official races around the world by converting old industrial locations or
cities into high performance racing tracks. mixing esthetics from the past with the
new technologies. These strange cars are Frankenstein’s of their time but the
strong reference to the glorious times of the first Formula 1 races. Victory – The
Age of Racing is based on quick competitions where players gain experience
points and collect performance points to increase their car’s characteristics and
reach the top of the leader board. Victory uniquely blends a realistic and detailed
car physics simulation with the pure fun of driving
ourWorld: ourWorld is a new breed of online entertainment that blends casual
gaming, and creative self expression together in a rich and vibrant online world.
ourWorld’s currency, Flow, is designed to reward members for working and
playing together; the more social the activity, the more members win, users can
choose from dozens of social activities including games, dancing in clubs and
watching videos all while earning more flow for their characters. A richly detailed
and diverse environment allows the user to build unique personalities from
thousands of clothing items, looks and animations. ourWorld is designed with an
emphasis on promoting creativity, collaboration, and cooperation in a guided
online environment
GamersFirst connect Platform: GamersFirst Connect provides game developers
with instant access to a growing community of over 28 million gamers in more
than 160 countries. The platform consists of a series of high performance systems
and services that simplifies the task of creating and operating compelling online
titles. GamersFirst Connect reduces the cost of player acquisition, decreases
development risk and diversifies revenue streams. Using this system, developers
can focus all their energy on the critical task of creating great games, without
having to worry about the details of the underlying operational platform.
Logic3 SoundStationWii: Logic3 unveil their awesome stereo speaker system and
stand Nintendo Wii console, the SoundStationWii. This unit delivers superb
sound quality through its integral fold down speakers and comes complete with
two rechargeable battery packs and recharging points for your Wii remotes. The
Wii console fits snugly into this stylish unit which also has storage slots for
additional controllers. The truly is the ultimate enhancement for your Nintendo
Logic3 SoundStationDSi: Logic3 launch their “Mini Theatre” case for the
Nintendo DSi, the SoundStationDSi. It is a wonderful sound enhancement
solution for the music/video capabilities of the Nintendo DSi. This portable
folding design speaker system also offers storage and protection for the DSi.
Available in either White or Black. An essential accessory for your Nintendo DSi.
Majesco Entertainment
Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2010: The Biggest Loser’s fitness trainer
Jillian Michaels returns to Wii™ with a fast-paced, high-intensity workout in
Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010. Set on a rugged Pacific jungle island,
players will enter a Hell Week-style boot camp filled with all-new exercises,
workout modes and more accurate motion tracking. You’ll never train alone with
direct feedback and motivation from Jillian for greater results. The game is also
compatible with the Wii Balance Board™ to provide the most intense at-home
workout available!
Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Trainer 2010: The Biggest Loser’s fitness trainer Jillian
Michaels makes her Nintendo DS™ debut in a portable, high-intensity workout.
Players can choose from pre-defined routines or create their own custom workout
as they follow a 3D avatar of Jillian that will help them reach their fitness goals.
Now Jillian’s tough love and expertise can go anywhere, denying any excuse to
ever miss a workout!
Pizza Boy: It’s a race against the clock to save your fledgling pizza parlor in Pizza
Boy! Use the Wii™ Remote as the ultimate kitchen utensil and the driver’s wheel.
Make and deliver massive amounts of pizza to a slew of hungry customers in a
fully-3D world encompassing three bustling towns filled with pedestrians and
hazards. Take off on side missions including street races and unlock a variety of
vehicles as you go!
a boy and his blob: A reimagining of the original award-winning NES version, a
boy and his blob is a heartwarming story of friendship set against beautiful hand
drawn environments. Playing as the boy, gamers feed the Blob jelly beans to
transform him into useful tools and weapons that help the pair navigate levels and
escape danger. With a robust and emotionally driven story, challenging puzzles,
and visually impressive 2D art style, a boy and his blob is a unique experience
that Wii gamers of all ages will enjoy.
Flip’s Twisted World: Flip’s Twisted World is a unique, 3D puzzle-platform game
for Wii™ that follows the adventures of a wizard’s apprentice named Flip who
gets sucked inside a cube world where up and down are just a matter of
perspective. Using the Wii™ Remote, players can flip their world around 90° at
will to switch perspectives while advancing through five topsy-turvy worlds. With
just a flick of the wrist, an obstructing wall turns into a path or a pit turns into a
My Hero: Astronaut: Majesco’s new My Hero brand lets aspiring heroes
experience what it’s like to be the role models they look up to. My Hero:
Astronaut launches players into an exciting space age adventure as a new recruit
on a quest to conquer space first. Players will blast off through 12 awe-inspiring
missions and six mini-games where they will explore distant planets, pilot space
vehicles, build a space station, destroy meteors on a collision course with Earth,
and much more.
MTV Games
The Beatles: Rock Band: The Beatles: Rock Band will allow fans to pick up the
guitar, bass, mic or drums and experience The Beatles’ extraordinary catalogue of
music through gameplay that takes players on a journey through the legacy and
evolution of the band’s legendary career. In addition, The Beatles: Rock Band will
offer a limited number of new hardware offerings modeled after instruments used
by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr throughout
their career. Available simultaneously worldwide in North America, Europe,
Australia, New Zealand and other territories for the Xbox 360® video game and
entertainment system from Microsoft, PLAYSTATION®3 computer
entertainment system and Wii™ system from Nintendo on Sept. 9, 2009, the
game will be compatible with all Rock Band instrument controllers, as well as
other third party music video game peripherals and microphones.
NVIDIA® GeForce® GPUs: NVIDIA® GeForce® GPUs (graphics processing
units) provide gamers with additional capabilities not found on any other discrete
graphics solutions. This year, NVIDIA will be showcasing innovative
technologies, including new games that incorporate NVIDIA®
PhysX™ technology for deeper immersion and NVIDIA® 3D Vision™
technology for stereoscopic 3D gaming. Only with NVIDIA GPUs can you do
graphics, plus a whole lot more. Look for NVIDIA-powered games in partner
booths throughout the E3 Expo show floor.
Wand Core Pak: A one of a kind Wii Controller bundle that utilizes Nyko’s
Trans-Port Technology to allow for vibration in both the Wand and Kama. This is
the first and only controller combo for Wii that will allow for full force feedback
in both hands. Both the Wand and Kama are ergonomically designed for
maximum comfort and are compatible with all Wii software.
Wand Action Pak: Utilizing Nyko’s exclusive Trans-Port Technology, the Action
Pak’s included Pistol Grip provides the most compatible and accurate action grip
on the market. Easily access the A and B button on the Wand digitally through the
Pistol Grip; no complex mechanical operations are required. The Action Pak
includes a Wand and Pistol Grip.Performance Designed Products, Inc.
Gametrak Freedom controller: With the Gametrak Freedom controller, due out in
Fall 2009, practically any movement can be brought into the game using
Freedom’s patent-pending ultrasonic 3D motion capture capabilities. Squeeballs
will be the first game on the market that will take advantage of the incredible
motion sensing capabilities of the Gametrak Freedom . Squeeballs are 12 toy
creatures that are being manufactured on an island in the Pacific and for quality
control, must be tested….sometimes to the point of destruction.
Power Play Corp
Riiflex: Power Play Corp, creator of Riiflex for Wii, is setting out to make
exercise feel more like entertainment, and less like work. Our pilot product,
Riiflex, converts Nintendo Wii controllers into ergonomic dumbbells for Wii and
Wii Fit. Riiflex is as elegant in form as it is durable in function. Visit us at the
2009 E3 Expo at booth 2561 and hold the future of fitness in your hand.
RTI ECO Disc Repair Machines: #1 Selling Fully Automatic Disc Repair
Systems. Full service professional machines for quick polishing thru deep scratch
removal. All machines feature exclusive Flat Polishing Technology – disc surface
remains mirror flat. Discs come out clean, dry and pristine. No hand finishing is
needed. NEW – special mode for repairing Blu-ray PS3 discs! See us in E3 Expo
Booth # 2930.
SouthPeak Games
Section 8: On the war-torn planets of tomorrow, mankind’s greatest battle is about
to begin. With its frontier colonies devastated by a growing insurrection, Earth
dispatches the elite 8th Armored Infantry (nicknamed “Section 8™”) to repel the
coming onslaught. The nickname refers to an old United States military
regulation where a soldier would be dismissed from service through being
mentally unfit for duty. The near-suicidal missions that this division volunteers
for brands them as insane by other military units.
My Baby 2: Your baby has grown so fast! Can you believe that a year has already
gone by? Take care of your baby from his 1st birthday until they’ll be 3 years old.
Your baby will discover its environment and learn from it, they will walk, babble
and speak, try to catch every object they can, and put everything in their mouth…
Your baby will be the apple of your eye!
Sled Shred: The World Snow Games are quickly approaching and once again the
Jamaican Bobsled team is preparing to take the world by storm. But finding a
team that has the right stuff isn’t easy…In Sled Shred featuring the Jamaican
Bobsled Team, prove yourself to the legendary Jamaican bobsledders and learn
the ropes of downhill sledding in order to join their famous group!
Fast Food Panic: Create the best restaurant in the world by cooking up yummy
dishes, making your customers happy, greeting them when they stop by, and
keeping your restaurant squeaky clean in this vibrant and fast-paced restaurant
simulation game for DS and Wii. Keeping a top-quality restaurant takes a lot of
work, and your waitress will need help—keep the place clean, make deliveries,
ring up customers, and more. Also features three difficulty levels, over 10
additional cooking mini-games, and Free Mode to replay completed levels and try
for the top score
Splitfish AG
FragFX Version 2 controller for PlayStation3: The FragFX V2 truly delivers on
giving the first-person shooter gamer the precision, speed and control previously
only available to PC gamers. Splitfish has made significant improvements to the
V2 based on feedback they have received from their loyal FragFX V1 users. The
FragFX V2 also serves as a fully optimized mouse for the browsing and
navigation of the PlayStation®HOME world and the PlayStation®Network.
Stunned Mind
Stunned Mind provides gamers with an amazing line of officially licensed
products to trick out their “gaming space”. With everything from massive wall
graphics to limited edition canvases and fleece blankets, Stunned Mind’s line up
of products are perfect for any gamers “Area of Play”. All of their products
feature full color graphics and imagery from the industries top games and game
Forsaken Patrol: Forsaken Patrol is a post-apocalyptic action shooter for
PC/X360/PS3 with a gloomy atmosphere and engaging story. The story begins
when a mysterious virus spreads among the world and infects millions of human
beings. In one of the US cities arises Asylum, a place where vaccinated remnants
of humanity are gathered. No one really knows what waits for them outside the
Hubert the Teddy Bear – Holiday Island: Hubert the Teddy Bear – Holiday Island
is a new game from a unique series for PC and Wii designed for children 3-12. By
using a mat (PC and Wii) or Wiimote/Balance Board (Wii) a player can enjoy lots
of mini games like catching the coconuts, playing a bongo or surfing. A kid can
play alone or with friends and the whole family by using one of the available
Single-player and Party modes. A lot of cute teddy bears are waiting to be chosen
to have fun on the sunny island.
My Fitness: My Fitness is a virtual coach program that will help to keep your
body in a good shape without leaving home and going to a gym. By plugging a
mat to your PC in minutes you can start losing weight, working on the stamina or
agility. The program combines the best elements of aerobics, jogging and
gymnastics. It’s fully customizable so you can track all statistics and your
101 Minigolf World: 101 Minigolf World is a DSiWare game that allows you to
play on over 100 holes divided into 6 courses. With eye-catching graphics and
easy controls, the game for sure will provide hours of challenging fun for all ages.
Just grab your golf club and send a ball straight to a hole through pipes, extreme
ramps and mind-blowing obstacles.
Robot Rescue: Robot Rescue is a DSiWare puzzle game with plenty of little
robots that need to find their way to escape the tricky labyrinths. A player has to
be very careful because all of them move at the same time and there are many
traps waiting for them. 45 stages shared on 3 levels of difficulty bring a lot of fun.
Ball Fighter: Ball Fighter is an exciting DSiWare arcade game for both adults and
kids where a player has to remove colorful spheres before they reach the bottom
of the screen. Constantly increasing tempo of the game and more and more colors
of the spheres make this task more difficult than it seems. There are also many
special combos to perform like Rocket, which can destroy several spheres at the
same time, or Brush that allows you to change a color of some of them. It is
exciting to play, but difficult to master!
MX vs. ATV Reflex: RHYTHM RACING 2.0 – Revolutionary physics engine has
been completely overhauled. Rainbow’s signature Rhythm Racing now delivers
an unparalleled reactionary driving experience. LEAVE YOUR MARK – Fight
for traction, dig up the track and force the competition to carve new race lines
with real-time terrain deformation. BECOME THE RIDER – Independent rider
and vehicle controls let you tear it up with high-flying freestyle action.
All Star Cheer Squad 2: In All Star Cheer Squad 2, 14 exotic locations from
around the world will serve as the backdrop for global cheer competitions. No
longer a newbie, players will start out as the captain of the Tiger Squad, leading
the team to victory by utilizing an all-new diverse move set that includes realworld
aerial stunts, tumbling, formation changes and advanced moves on the Wii
Balance Board™ accessory. Moves can be executed by using two Wii
Remotes™, allowing for greater mobility. Players will select their squad members
and then choose from more customization options including new makeup,
hairstyle and uniforms. Because every routine needs a good beat first, All Star
Cheer Squad 2 will feature even more original cheer music. Combined with an
upgraded routine editor featuring a music mixer, a choreography editor and the
ability to challenge friends via WiiConnect24™, All Star Cheer Squad 2 will
allow players to live the ultimate cheer experience.
Other First Look Titles include: SpongeBob Truth or Square, Marvel Super Hero
Squad, Cars Race-O-Rama
Tritton Technologies, Inc.
AX 720: The newest addition to the TRITTON line is the AX 720 high
performance gaming headset. Specifically designed for the Xbox and PS3
systems, the AX 720 delivers precision audio and superior voice communication
utilizing Dolby Digital and Dolby Headphone technology. Setting a new
benchmark for 2-Channel surround sound headsets, the AX 720 takes games to
new levels by using a Dolby Digital decoder to create an immersive 3D audio
environment. Precision balanced 40mm drivers provide heart thumping bass and
crystal-clear highs while users chat online with their teammates on the Xbox, PS3
or PC using the detachable microphone. The convenient inline audio controller
features independent voice and game volume controls so gamers can clearly hear
their teammates during those crucial gaming moments and a breakaway cable
design allows the use of optional cables to connect to an MP3 player or even an
AX 51 Pro: When winning matters, the AX 51 Pro by TRITTON delivers a true
competitive advantage. Realizing that most games are now encoded with 5.1
surround sound, the AX 51 Pro takes full advantage of the analog 5.1 outputs on a
sound card so users can hear the individual audio details of a game as they were in
the midst of the action themselves. The AX 51 Pro delivers a 3D audio
experience like no other by using eight (8) precision speakers that have been
strategically placed to provide maximum accuracy, clarity and heart thumping
bass. Optimized for two-way communication, the AX 51 Pro is the perfect
accessory for the online gamer and the backlit digital inline audio controller can
be seen in any lighting condition and allows the user to adjust the individual
sound fields independently.
AX PC Pro: When winning matters, true gamers go for the AX PC Pro by
TRITTON. The AX PC Pro takes full advantage of the 5.1 audio provided with
most games today by reproducing the individual audio details of a game as they
were meant to be heard and optimizing performance for computer gaming on PC
and Mac. With the eight (8) precision speakers providing maximum accuracy,
clarity and heart thumping bass, the AX PC Pro delivers a 3D audio experience
with the capability to adjust the individual sound fields independently via the
backlit digital inline audio controller.
AX 400: TRITTON Technologies, the leader in console gaming headsets, now
delivers the AX 400 wireless surround sound gaming headset. Utilizing Dolby
Digital, Dolby Headphone technology and RF Wireless technology, the AX
Wireless envelops you with 3D surround sound audio. Gamers can listen to their
favorite games and movies in surround sound and chat online with friends and
teammates on Xbox Live using the detachable microphone. The included
charging cradle keeps the headset fully charged for when they’re ready to game.
Be free from wires with the AX 400.
AX Pro: The AX Pro is the flagship of TRITTON’s gaming headset line with
features including Hear Everything Technology™, digital 5.1 surround sound, a
simplified microphone connection for Xbox Live and a USB port for microphone
connection to a PS3 or computer. The inline audio controller also includes
advanced features such as individual sound field controls, master volume mute,
microphone mute control and backlighting for low light conditions. Precision
audio drivers ensure optimum sound quality from low to high frequencies. The
AX Pro is a licensed Dolby® Digital and Prologic II certified product designed
for hardcore gaming.
Turtle Beach
Ear Force® P2: Turtle Beach® turns up the heat for PS3™ gaming with the new
Ear Force® P21, an amplified gaming headset that integrates PlayStation®
Network chat with stereo game sound. An in-line USB-powered amplifier
delivers immersive audio, as well as variable bass boost control, stereo expander,
and Chat Boost, a unique feature that raises the level of incoming chat as the
game volume increases. The adjustable microphone boom and twist-style ear cups
can be set in any comfortable position or rotated out of the way when not in use.
With an MSRP of $79.95, the P21 is an excellent value for PS3 gamers who want
the ultimate gaming experience
USERJOY Technology Co., Ltd.
Kingdom Heroes 2: Kingdom Heroes 2, 3D Fantasy MMORPG, is famous for its
core element of kingdom war which allow unlimited gamers to fight with huge
city-attack machine such as Catapult and battleship. It also provides gamers with
more contents and gameplays, such as diverse job changes, soldiers force
changes, city administration, and martial spirit. Gamers can experience the real
war and be the real kingdom heroes in the game.
Project Heroes: Project Heroes is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG combines western and
oriental concepts. Besides the fine art and graphic presented, it contains the
historical heroes around the world where gamers can enjoy the most incredible
adventure in a most fantastic virtual world.
Adventure Generation Online: Adventure Generation Online is 2.5D Q style
Casual MMORPG, which with various distinct job features. One character is able
to adopt at most 7 jobs skills. The fun content and easy operation allow gamers to
free their stress. It is also applicable to small laptop such as EPC. Easy play, no
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
LEGO® Rock Band®: LEGO® Rock Band® merges two of the most popular
videogame franchises to create a unique family-friendly music experience that
will allow families, tweens and teens to experience a wild journey to rock stardom
where they can “Build a Band and Rock the Universe.” LEGO Rock Band
combines the multiplayer music experience of Rock Band® with the fun,
customization and humor of the LEGO videogame franchise and is packed with
chart-topping songs and classic favorites suitable for younger audiences.
The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest: The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest
is the first Lord of the Rings videogame created specifically for kids and their
families with accessible gameplay set in a friendly, colorful rendition of Middle-
Earth. Players assume the role of Strider and embark on his greatest quests from
The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The game offers authentic, action-oriented sword
fighting, lancing and archery that all ages can play together.
So Blonde Wii/DS: So blonde is a point- and- click DS/Wii adventure game, with
all of trappings of such: puzzle-solving, humor, pop culture references, celshading,
multiple endings, and between 20 and 25 hours of gameplay. The main
character of the game is a spoiled 17-year old named Sunny Blonde. During a
luxurious cruise on her parents’ wedding anniversary, the ship gets into distress
near the Bermuda islands. Sunny falls unconscious and lands on a rescue boat.
When she comes back to her senses, she finds herself alone on an island paradise.
At that moment, she doesn’t know yet that she has been catapulted several
centuries into the past, into the age of pirates.
Imagine Family Doctor DS: Imagine Family Doctor on Nintendo DS allows you
to become a young female doctor who has just finished her education and is
setting up a new private practice in town. Family Doctor comprises a series of
mini-games in which you examine and diagnose each patient, taking the
occasional trip to the local café or your apartment for a narrative detour. Instead
of taking you along that path, Family Doctor immediately grants you the
knowledge, power and certification you need to help people. Like a perfect
doctor, you always draw the correct conclusions, and you always have a ready
Scrabble 2009 DS: Scrabble™ 2009 Edition for Nintendo DS brings Scrabble®
fun on the go, with touch screen interface and comprehensive tutorials to help you
to progress, wherever you are. Use your new skills and find uncompromised
challenge through a powerful yet adaptable AI, and complex mini-games such as
finding words combination with Puzzletters. Enjoy the traditional game or choose
between 2 other modes: Duplicate (used in Scrabble® competition) and Tempest
(where you can change the rules as you play).
City Life DS: City Life DS is a real-time strategy game that lets the player create a
modern city. It is the first modern city-building game to allow the player to work
in full 3D environment. City Life allows players to zoom in and see every little bit
of detail. The placement method allows buildings to be placed at an angle.
Yoostar Entertainment Group, Inc.
Yoostar: Yoostar makes YOO the star of your favorite movies, TV shows and
other video. Yoostar combines a PC/Mac-based green screen system–hi-res
webcam, green screen, stand and patented software–with licensed clips from top
studios and content providers, and a digital platform that lets users shoot, star in
and share their performances. Available at June 2009 and at retail
August 2009. For a private screening at E3 Expo, email us at, or
learn more at
Zoo Games is a brand new gaming site featuring new titles from
independent developers for online play or for download. Indie developers from
around the world have entered their titles into the first 2BeeGames contest with a
chance to win up to $10,000. In addition, the best games as chosen by the 2Bee
Community will be offered publishing contracts and their games will be put onto
video game consoles and handheld gaming systems. Play all the finalists and vote
for your favorites at the 2BeeGames kiosk in the Zoo Games booth: West Hall #